Roadworks Update: Friday 20th June

lagan1Here’s the latest on the St Mary’s Roadworks, sent to Radio Scilly and Scilly Today by Lagan Construction at 7.10am:

Friday resurfacing works will take place on Thoroughfare for most of the day and an attempt will be made to resurface Moorwell Lane after 5 pm provided all preparation works are complete.

Other preparation works will take place on Telegraph Road between the Parting Carn junction and Rose Hill junction. These works will be mainly planing but there are a couple of items of ironwork that need to be raised and 1 gully repaired.

Unfortunately during resurfacing of the two roads mentioned, these will not be passable due to their narrow width. As the section of Telegraph Road is wide this will be passable with care but any vehicles travelling to the airport from Hugh Town would be advised to go via Old Town.

On Saturday the resurfacing works proposed are the section of Telegraph Road mentioned above namely from the Parting Carn junction to Rose Hill junction. The planing and preparation works will be on next section of Telegraph Road from Rose Hill towards Moorwell Lane. The section of Telegraph Road where the resurfacing is to take place will be passable as we will do it in 2 halves. The section being planed will only be passable with extreme care and some delays are likely on the narrow sections.

As advised earlier the route via Old Town to the airport is preferred.

Please note that the programme can change due to weather and operational reasons but we do not anticipate any change in the short term works described.

Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologises for any disturbance during these works and thanks you in advance for your co-operation and forbearance. Please contact us on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.

The St Mary’s Island Road Resurfacing Works are financed by the Council of the Isles of Scilly.
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