Guesthouse Owner Concerned Over Construction Noise

lagan roadwork signA St Mary’s guesthouse owner says he’s worried that noise connected to the construction work on the island could impact on visitors’ impressions of Scilly.

Pete Reynolds who owns Pier House backs the Council’s roads and runway works because, he says, the work is vital. And he says he’s aware that the resurfacing needed to be done to meet grant deadlines.

But Pete says there should have been more consideration of the tourism sector, as it accounts for the majority of the islands’ economy.

His family’s sleep was disturbed on Tuesday and Wednesday by the movement of vehicles from the Quay. And on Wednesday night, Pete claims that construction staff were so noisy in the Bank area, that he had to dial 999.

He says he wouldn’t have bought a property near a pub if occasional revelry concerned him, but the amount of noise on Wednesday was unacceptable.

Sergeant Colin Taylor confirmed that PC Mat Crowe was dispatched following a 999 call. Mat found no disorder on his arrival and he spoke with people in the street.

Colin says he has little doubt that the behaviour may have been worthy of police attendance to ensure it did not escalate.

The Council’s contractor, Lagan Construction, has been widely praised by locals on Scilly Today for their staff’s work ethic and consideration. And the company operates a 24-hour disturbance number for work-related noise issues.

Their Technical Manager said it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to comment on the issues raised by the Reynolds, as it is the Council who are in charge of the scheme.

The Project Officer, Diana Mompoloki emailed Radio Scilly after we sent her a copy of Pete’s email.

She says she has spoken to Mrs Reynolds on a number of occasions.

Diana said: “It is a shame as most of the feedback we have had has been very positive and understanding.”

Islands’ Partnership Chairman Chris Gregory says resurfacing the runways of a busy airport is never easy, particularly when funding restrictions mean that the work has to be done during the summer season.

But he says over the course of approximately 20 nights, the runways at St Mary’s will be resurfaced with no disruption to travel. And for an island community that also needs some of its roads re-surfaced, having all the equipment on site means that we have to take this opportunity now.

Chris feels that the first phase of road works has been achieved extraordinarily quickly, without undue disruption, and he says with the same careful planning, it is anticipated that the final phase will be equally successful.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark visited Mr Reynolds yesterday and personally apologised for any disruption due to work at the Harbour.