Couple Delighted With ‘Old Fashioned’ Island Wedding

Quentin and Sally Huggett. Photo by Chris Hall.

Quentin and Sally Huggett. Photo by Chris Hall.

A Northamptonshire couple is singing Scilly’s praises after islanders helped them celebrate a unique themed wedding.

Quentin and Sally Huggett from Northamptonshire are both marine biologists and wanted to marry in a maritime setting. They chose the Star Castle Hotel, because Sally had visited the islands frequently on the dive boat Dunedin.

The couple, who have been together for 15 years, brought seven friends over for the occasion.

And the party dressed in medieval or renaissance period clothing to make it an occasion to remember.

Quentin says the costumes were brought over in advance in a container by Steamship Company and stored at the Castle. And hotel manager Zoe Parry had to arrange quick alterations to his outfit, a naval uniform, minutes before the ceremony to ensure that he and Sally looked their best.

Quentin says the Council Superintendent Registrar Alison Gardner “went along fantastically” with the medieval theme and included poetry by Chaucer in the readings.

He said she did everything she could to personalise the wedding and make it very special occasion.

And the couple are grateful to Penny Rogers for the flowers, Becky Lock for a superb wedding cake and Chris Hall, who took photographs to capture the occasion.

Quentin says the guests, who visited the islands for the first time, were so impressed that they’ve sworn to return in the future.