‘Best Ever’ Flower Festival Celebrates A Year Of Church Life

church flower festival 2014_2

A steady stream of visitors and locals went to view the hundreds of flowers filling the Parish Church for the annual Flower Festival yesterday.

There are 21 separate displays in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all the arrangements follow the theme of a year at the church.

And there’s some interesting props, including a Shaun the Sheep in the Christmas display, tins of golden syrup and frying pans for Shrove Tuesday and chocolate-dipped cupcakes on the Mothering Sunday flowers lining the aisles, created by the Sunday School.

One of the organisers, Jane Chiverton, says there was a steady stream of visitors yesterday, with around half a dozen people there continually during the 9.30am to 6pm viewing hours.

Jane says everyone taking part feels that it’s the best festival they’ve organised so far.

And she says the event has also attracted some professional florists visiting the islands. They’ve taken plenty of photos for inspiration, says Jane.

Exhibitors will be working hard to keep the flowers looking their best.

Jane says displays will be sprayed to ensure they don’t dry out and she’s confident they’ll still be looking their best by the end of the festival on Saturday.

You can see photos of all the displays in our gallery here.