Luxury Tents Can Stay Up Over Winter

glamping peninnis farm 1Owners of the new luxury campsite at Peninnis Farm will be able to keep their tents erected over the winter months from now on.

Councillors at yesterday’s Planning Meeting at the Old Wesleyan Chapel voted unanimously to overturn a condition of their consent, which said the structures had to be taken down between the start of November and the end of April.

That was to ensure they didn’t cause a significant visual impact on the landscape.

The site had been through a lengthy six-year planning process before finally being approved in 2012.

Jon and son Daniel May welcomed the first guests to the seven upmarket tents last season. They come complete with wooden kitchens, tiled bathrooms and wood-burning stoves.

But the owners found that removing the structures from the site last year took a lot longer than anticipated. Three men worked for five weeks to dismantle them, which meant they were taken away from other duties on the farm.

Jon and Daniel said bookings were better than expected last year and mainly from new visitors, suggesting they were attracting a different clientele.

Senior Manager for Infrastructure, Craig Dryden, said removing the condition was “right and proper” because the visual impact had been “insignificant.”

The tents will now be mothballed over the winter by wrapping them in windbreak material.

Cllr Fran Grottick asked for the site to be monitored to ensure that was acceptable.