Broadband Outage Due To Mainland Fault

bt_openreach_vanIt’s back to normal today for some St Mary’s businesses affected by a broadband blackout yesterday.

At around 11.30am internet access to a number of properties failed.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the Harbour Office was unable to access many of their documents shared online with the Duchy server on the mainland.

And St Mary’s Post Office closed, as they were unable to process transactions without an internet connection to the Royal Mail.

Richard Mills of Speros reported the fault to BT at around 11am and had to rewire his card machine through a separate phone line to continue taking payments.

Richard said he couldn’t understand why his Wi-Fi failed and says at first he thought it was caused by overhead aircraft, a problem which has beset the Council offices in Porthmellon.

Jason Mann of BT told Radio Scilly that a fault at a mainland exchange affected a small number of broadband customers at various locations, including some in Scilly.

Most customers had their service restored by 5.15pm.

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