Land’s End Airport Closure Is Vital For Improvements Says Chief Exec

lands end terminalThe closure of Land’s End Airport next month is vital work that will improve Skybus’ resilience, according to their Chief Executive.

Rob Goldsmith says now European funders have agreed their half of the £2.6 million runway hardening scheme, the service should soon face fewer disruptions.

Land’s End Airport has closed because of waterlogging for almost two months over the last two winters.

Rob says the work will not only prevent this problem, but will also mean pilots can land there in reduced visibility, following the installation of improved navigational aids and lighting.

He says that will improve the year-round capability of the airport.

Whilst the majority of the works will be completed without any impact on flights, Land’s End Airport will close from Friday 4th July to Sunday 20th July inclusive.

All Skybus flights will be routed instead through Newquay Airport with free transportation being offered to and from Land’s End or Penzance, and you won’t need to pay the departure fee.

Skybus say they’ll work closely with the NHS to minimise disruption to medical appointments and they’ll try to keep flight times in line with those already booked.

Rob says the company looked at all the possible dates for the work and thought it was better to do it sooner rather than later, before the summer peak in visitors or poor weather in the autumn.

With the new terminal at Land’s End, a fourth Twin Otter aircraft and work to upgrade the facilities at St Mary’s Airport, Rob says all the infrastructure improvements that the company has wanted will soon be complete.