Scilly’s MP Wants Constituents To Help Him Decide New Bill

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP Andrew George has won a ballot in the House of Commons giving him the chance to create new legislation.

He hopes he will be allowed to introduce a Private Members Bill for debate in the Commons on 2nd July.

Andrew hasn’t decided what he’d like legislation on yet. He says he has a number of ideas but wants to consult his island and mainland constituents before he decide which one to go for.

Options could include a proposal to encourage affordable housing, by requiring planning permission for second homes.

The MP says he might also push for a law giving special powers for Cornwall – a form of government like the assembly in Wales.

He says if that happens, it’s likely that Scilly would be invited to take part, but there would be no expectation. It would be up to the Scillonians to decide, he says.

Andrew will produce a shortlist of three or four proposals, which he will put to his constituents to help him decide.

He says he will “pause, reflect and listen” to constituents before making any final decisions.

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