St Mary’s Harbourmaster Update June 13th

Here’s the harbour work update sent to Radio Scilly and Scilly Today by St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark.
The scaffolding remains in place and will remain in its current form until early/mid-August. The harbour team are awaiting the public information boards and had hoped to have them in place already. It is hoped that the materials required will be here this week . The scaffolding has been netted from top to bottom and this will also remain. The off-island boating board and harbour information boards have been moved to the rails opposite the harbour office.

Asbestos removal has commenced and is going well. Dale hopes that by the end of Monday, the removal will be completed and contractors SHIELD will finish up by the end of the week.

The wave wall demolition continues with good progress. The team involved have worked hard to demolish the wall and prepare the area for concreting. The first concrete base has been poured and it anticipated that the next pour will happen on Monday. All steelwork should be completed by the end of next week and ready to position as and when the site is prepared.

There may be access restrictions over this weekend when additional scaffolding will be required at the entrance to the working area at the South side of the building. From 16:30 on Saturday until Monday 08:30 there will be no access for vehicles into the working yard.

Lagan’s vessel, River Trader departed last Sunday and is currently at Granville in France. Dale expects her to return to the Islands early next week and they are planning for a Tuesday evening discharge of cargo. It is hoped that this can be completed within 1 night however it may be necessary to discharge any remaining cargo later.

The harbour team is not aware of any further landing craft visits over the next week.

The Scillonian III will continue her normal schedule as will the Gry Maritha. Collection of goods from the Gry Maritha will happen as normal however please do not bring vehicles onto the quay if they are not being loaded immediately – there is no parking space available for vans to wait to be loaded!

The Harbourside building refurbishment continues throughout the next week with a concentrated effort on the ground floor buildings. The sheds that were ordered and due to arrive last week are now on-board tonight’s Gry. They will be erected this weekend for the off island pick up/drop off items.

There are no further cruise ships due until 7th July when Club Med II arrives.