Scilly Has Highest Funding Rate For Care Home Residents

Park House

Park House

Scilly has the highest Council funding per person in residential care in the South West.

At £523 per week, it’s almost a third higher than the lowest funder in the region, Devon. It rises to £630 for residents with dementia.

The figures, released by the GMB union, are part of a national campaign to ensure adequate care for vulnerable adults and fair pay for staff.

They believe vulnerable residents should get at least £600 a week to fund their care.

Head of Adult Social Care, Gareth Peters, says Scilly’s only care home, Park House, is small compared to most residential facilities

As a result, staff-to-resident ratios are higher than in larger mainland care homes.

He says this ensures they’re able to meet minimum staff numbers to comply with CQC rules and enables the staff to provide an excellent standard care.

Scilly also has the highest charge in the region to care for residents in the community. It’s currently £18.40 per hour.

Gareth says the cost is slightly higher here because relatively small numbers of people require the service. It means there aren’t the economies of scale.

And he says here on the islands, all home calls are at least 30 minutes long. Many mainland councils have introduced calls as short as 15 minutes, says Gareth.