Parish Church Flower Festival To Be Even Bigger This Year

church flower festival 2013_2The Parish Church Flower Festival is set to be bigger this year.

Organiser Jane Chiverton says there’ll be 21 different interpretations of their ambitious theme, ‘The Church Year.’

The arrangers will use flowers to depict important days in the religious calendar, like Epiphany and Easter, as well as church occasions such as baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Jane’s delighted that there are several new exhibitors this year including a number of younger recruits.

She says the volunteers are highly creative and will use a variety of flowers including lilies and daisies to create their work. Red-hot pokers will form part of the display for Ascension.

Each flower arranger works differently, says Jane. A lot of people “have a vision immediately” of what their displays will look like and order their flowers accordingly while others put them together as they go along.

And she says she’s seen some “incredible creations” in previous years.

The flower festival runs for four days from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st of June and Jane says the first two days are definitely the best, with a wonderful scent in the church.

But she says they also take care of the displays to make sure they look fresh for the whole event.

The organisers are looking for stewards to help with refreshments and to oversee the main event in the church.