Islands’ Partnership Offering Help To Improve Customer Service

hugh town centre summerThe Islands’ Partnership is offering members the chance to improve their customer service skills and they could provide mystery shoppers to give feedback in the future.

The tourism body is running two Customer Care workshops next Tuesday and Wednesday.

IP Coordinator Amanda Pender says each day-long course has been specially tailored for the islands, following an initial meeting earlier this year with around a dozen people involved in the tourism sector.

She says they identified areas where visitors have particular problems, such as arriving and departing from the islands and finding information about inter-island boats on the quay.

Amanda says customer service is critical and came up frequently in last year’s face-to-face surveys with visitors.

The workshops will be very ‘hands on’ and intense, looking at the impact of poor service and providing tips on how to handle the more difficult situations.

Amanda says the focus isn’t just about service in the obvious places either.

Anyone can make a difference, even when they’re ‘off duty,’ she says. That could be as simple as helping a visitor who’s looking lost or needs information.

Amanda says residents sometimes forget how confusing Scilly can be to first time tourists.

The Partnership is also discussing bringing over mystery shoppers.

This will only be offered to businesses that have agreed beforehand, says Amanda, and the results will be confidential. But she feels it could provide a useful, independent view of what our visitors experience.

The workshops are free to most Partnership members and are running on the 17th and 18th June from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Anyone interested in taking part should email or telephone 424036.

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