Health Commissioning Body Holding Public Board Meeting In Scilly This Morning

hospital  nhs sign 2The body that commissions much of the healthcare provision for Scilly residents is holding its first board meeting in Hugh Town today.

Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group covers most NHS services that islanders use, except the GP practice.

This morning, you’ll have a chance to ask questions of the people who make decisions affecting a range of facilities including the Royal Cornwall Hospital or mental health services.

Chairman of the group, Dr Iain Chorlton says islanders will be able to sit in on the meeting as policy is agreed and reviewed, ask questions and offer opinions as health service users.

Iain says it’s important that the KCCG holds its meetings in public and they travel to different venues across the region to allow people to take part.

They had planned originally to hold this meeting in October but were stopped by bad weather.

If you want to put questions to the board, you’ll need to hand them to an officer who will be at the Old Wesleyan Chapel before the meeting starts.

Dr Chorlton says they should be related to the agenda, which is available on their website here, and they’ll check at the end of the meeting to make sure those questions have been answered.

During this morning’s meeting, which starts at 10.30am, Lead GP John Garman will update the board on developments at St Mary’s Health Centre and Aisling Hick will share progress made by the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

Dr Chorlton says at each location chosen for the monthly meetings, a resident is also asked to share their experience of healthcare in their part of the region.