St Martin’s Couple Presented To Queen At Palace Garden Party

Buckingham PalaceA St Martin’s couple have been given the rare honour of meeting the Queen at a Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday.

Richard and Jenny Morton from Little Arthur Farm were invited to the event by the Duchy of Cornwall Land Steward, Chris Gregory.

The Queen’s garden parties can accommodate up to 8,000 people at a time, but only a handful of guests ever get the chance to meet the Monarch.

Richard says they were presented alongside four other couples, all farmers on Duchy properties.

He says they were given “quite a lecture” beforehand about how to address the Queen, including lessons on bowing. But the officials also added that it’s all very relaxed these days and nobody would be in trouble if they got it wrong.

Unfortunately, by the time the Royal party got to Richard and Jenny, it was pouring with rain.

Richard said they only managed to exchange a few words about the weather, in between the flurry of umbrellas going up.

He said people have been interested to hear about their experiences now they’re back on the islands.

And he admits he was nervous, especially with all the other guests looking on, but he says the “very lavish” reception at the Duchy offices beforehand, with plenty of champagne, did help.