Scilly’s Museum Unveils First Interactive Digital Display

museum digital displayThe Isles of Scilly Museum will soon feature its first interactive display panel. And the UK experts in this field have tailored the learning and research tool to meet the museum’s requirements.

Leicestershire-based Heritage Interactive supply touch-screen information panels for some of Britain’s best known museums and attractions, including The Imperial War Museum and Chester Zoo.

They’ve designed software, which will allow visitors to scroll through themed collections of images and digital media and to uncover historical facts at their fingertips.

The new digital unit has 153 images loaded onto it from the large museum archive and visitors will be able to zoom in on the scans of paintings or photos.

Director James Brearley says many more could be categorised and added.

The initial themes will include May Day and maritime history, and there will be separate sections for each inhabited island.

James says the widespread adoption of the iPad has generated more interest in these displays and a much wider age-range of people are now comfortable with touch screens, compared to five years ago.

Some of the funding for the digitisation of the museum’s archive came from a £21,000 grant from the islands’ Local Action Group.

Staff from Heritage Interactive will come to Scilly to train museum staff and volunteers in the system, before the system goes live.