Scilly’s Hospital Seeks New Patient Befrienders

hospital-03Islanders are being asked to sign up as befrienders – volunteers who will keep St Mary’s Hospital patients company.

It is a new scheme being rolled out across Scilly and Cornwall.

Peninsula Community Health is introducing it at all 14 of their sites after the Trust decided to stop funding hospital chaplains.

Scilly’s Methodist Minister Charlie Gibbs is currently employed in that role here and attends the hospital most days. He’s not had any written notification that his position will cease yet and says he will continue to visit patients as often as he can.

Volunteer Cornwall is now trying to recruit helpers to fulfil the spiritual needs of patients.

Co-ordinator Jenny Wilkins says they also want a list of locals who can call into the hospital because some St Mary’s patients can go for days without seeing friends or family.

Jenny says they’re looking for people who can sit and chat for a while, play cards and dominoes or read a newspaper.

And she says the scheme could be extended into the community in the future. That could help people who are convalescing at home.

If you would like to find out more or have any comments about the scheme, please email