Businesses To Finally Start Being Charged For Waste

rubbish dump 3The Council is finally ready to start charging for commercial waste disposal at Moorwell, eight years after the weighbridge was installed.

Back in February, the then Director of Place, Craig Dryden, told councillors that trade users would be charged by the tonne they deposit, with prices ranging from £20 for garden and food waste up to £100 for building waste.

Businesses will also have to buy a permit, which costs £15 for a month rising to £140 for a year.

Chair of the General Purposes Committee, Steve Sims, told Radio Scilly that our Council is the only one in the UK that doesn’t charge for commercial waste.

He said the islands need to be “more grown up about how we deal with waste” and the changes were about, “kicking the authority into the 19th century, if not the 21st.”

Steve feels the changes are important because they’ll encourage builders to reuse waste, and help with recycling efforts.

The charges will also raise money for the Town Hall, meaning council tax payers won’t be cross subsidising commercial users.

“Businesses have had it a bit too easy for too long on this issue,” says Steve

Councillors have been calling for the introduction of charges for years.

The weighbridge was installed in 2006 but fees were never introduced. In 2012, former Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner admitted that the weighbridge was working, but told members the £10,000 cost of calibrating it was too much and was unlikely to be recovered in charges.

The Council has been waiting for new software to operate the weighbridge since February.

That’s now been installed and will allow automatic billing though the Finance Department.

Steve says nobody he’s spoken to has criticised the charges. Most have asked him why it’s taken so long.

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