Faster Ambulance Response For Garrison Patients

garrison archIf you call an ambulance from the Garrison, emergency workers will soon be able to get you to hospital quicker.

Head of Operations for South Western Ambulance Trust’s West Division, Steve Boucher, has exclusively told Radio Scilly that SWAST is commissioning a tailor-made vehicle, based on a smaller Renault Traffic, that will be able to get through the narrow archway.

Ambulance bosses say they’ve listened to their staff who have raised concerns over response times for patients on the hill.

Currently St Mary’s has two ambulances but only one can squeeze through the gap.

That means that if the smaller rapid response 4×4 vehicle is on a call or is being serviced, some patients need to be carried by stretcher down to the larger Renault ambulance, which usually waits at the turn-in outside Moonrakers.

That’s happened twice in the last few weeks.

Steve says this shouldn’t happen again from later in the summer, with the new vehicle expected to be shipped over in about four months. It’ll replace the larger ambulance.

Steve says the Trust is prepared to do something different to find a solution for Scilly’s unique problems. They’ve also provided four off-road ‘mule’ vehicles for the off-islands recently.

He says the decision has been made following feedback and that they do listen to and react to suggestions from staff in the field.

Figures reveal that there have been 192 ambulance call outs on all the islands in the first five months of 2014.