Wildlife Trust Photo Intern Describes ‘Unique Opportunity’

Ed Marshall

Ed Marshall

The Wildlife Trust’s new Photography Intern has been describing the “unique opportunity” he’s been given to capture images of the islands flora and fauna.

Ed Marshall is in his first few days on the project, which is expected to last for six weeks.

He applied after reading about the position on the ‘Focus on Nature’ website but says he didn’t really think he had a chance, with the number of people applying and the tough competition.

He thinks the selectors probably liked the fact that he’s an all-rounder when it comes to photography – he’s tried everything from close ups through to landscapes, “and everything else in between.”

The Trust want to build a diverse library of images that they can use in publicity material and on the website, and Ed says they’ve been very flexible about how he does it.

He’s an accomplished photographer but he says his first passion is wildlife, and has a degree in Zoology.

He says it was a natural progression from picking up binoculars as a young bird watcher, to picking up a camera.

Ed says the photography internship is an unusual one and he’s not heard of any other organisation offering one, especially in a place like Scilly, with such a diversity of wildlife.

He’s started taking images of the islands moths and caterpillars and he’s keen to capture a picture of the Scilly shrew.

He admits it’s going to be hard to get a good picture, although he’s heard there’s one at the Woolpack where he’s staying.

He’s also spotted a cuckoo on the islands, but that hasn’t gone too well so far. He tried calling to it and it mobbed him. Ed says he’ll just have to wait for it to “pose nicely for the camera.”

As an intern, Ed is covering most of his living expenses on the islands although the Trust is helping with travel costs.

But he sees it as an opportunity to boost his portfolio and build the contacts he’ll need for a career in photography.

He’s also says Scilly has potential to be the perfect place to run wildlife photography courses in the future.

Ed has several more week of snapping ahead and says there’ll be a lot more work to do when he returns home, editing the photos.

But hopes to have a selection available online soon.