Shareholder Questions Steamship Company’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Signs

steamship co zero tolerance sign
A Steamship Company shareholder says he’s unhappy at signage, which informs customers of a ‘zero tolerance policy’ towards aggressive behaviour.

John Nicholls says he’s passionate about the company but he feels that the notices at the airport and the Hugh Street Travel Centre give the wrong impression.

The wording states that the company, “understands people can become angry when matters about which they feel strongly are not being dealt with as they wish.”

But it goes on to say that they won’t tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff.

Anyone behaving like that could be denied travel, suspended from the Travel Club or reported to police.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour could include verbal attacks, derogatory remarks, rudeness, unsubstantiated allegations or language that makes staff feel afraid or threatened.

John has taken up his concern with a company director.

He feels that there is no excuse for customers lashing out at staff and says that when he owned the Star Castle Hotel, he once evicted abusive guests who reduced a staff member to tears.

But John feels that, rather than the public-facing signs, staff should be offered training on how to deal with difficult customer.

Since the signs were posted, the company has employed an operations coordinator to assist customers, especially when their travel plans are disrupted. The company has declined to comment but a spokesman told us that the signs have been in place for some time and are “not uncommon.”

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