Council Says Hugh Street Sewer Works Likely After Resurfacing

sewer problem point in hugh stThe resurfacing of the road through Old Town continues today but the Council says some of the roads being treated are likely to have to be dug up again soon for essential water works.

Cllr Steve Sims, who chairs the General Purposes Committee dealing with infrastructure, says only a small stretch in Hugh Town will be worked on.

Steve has spoken out after a number of islanders approached him to ask whether the newly laid tarmac will be excavated as sewers are repaired.

He says the road resurfacing is not a standalone project and has been piggy-backed onto the runway refurbishment. That project has dictated the timeline, which is quite tight due to the funding.

Steve says the Council is spending £1.5 million on resurfacing now to maximise use of the specialist batching plant being brought over for the airport work.

But he says there’s no date set for the work to improve the narrow and decaying town centre sewer pipes. The £15 million Local Enterprise Partnership funding bid hasn’t been decided by the government yet.

Steve says when the work takes place only Hugh Street will be affected and there’s the possibility that a “mechanical mole” can be used to form an underground channel for piping, which should minimise disruption.

They can’t dig wide trenches because of concerns that properties built on sand could be affected. And he says with adequate funding there is no reason to believe that there will be any long-term detrimental effects to the resurfaced road.

He added that the water works are vital and, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

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