Former Head Teacher Wants Copy Of Independent Report Into Complaints

Former head teacher Bryce Wilby

Former head teacher Bryce Wilby

The former Head Teacher of the Five Islands School has alleged the Council is refusing to give him a copy of an independent report they’ve commissioned, which investigates a series of complaints he made last year.

Bryce Wilby resigned from his position in 2012 after being suspended for alleged financial irregularities at the school. He has always denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Wilby has made seventeen formal complaints against officers, councillors, school governors and staff about alleged breaches of the legal process.

Former Council Chief Executive, Barry Keel, ordered the independent investigation, which was conducted by Mr Richard Penn, a consultant for the Local Government Association.

That report was delivered several weeks ago but Bryce claims the Authority will not give him a copy.

He believes the Council has not been able to answer most of the complaints made against it and he wants to know what action they’re now going to take.

And he says not giving the complainant a copy of the report isn’t “right and proper” and contrary to the Council’s own complaints procedure.

Mr WIlby is currently pursuing legal action and believes this is a delaying tactic on the part of the Authority.

He says they’ll have to hand over the report eventually, either following a court order or as part of the evidence in the National College for Teaching and Leadership hearing against him, initiated by the Council.

He says that could take several weeks.