Roadworks Update For Monday 2nd June 2014

lagan1Further to the short term programme for Old Town Lane and Ennor Close that was issued last week, Lagan Construction Ltd advise school children, staff, motorists, residents and visitors of the road resurfacing works planned for the next few days.

On Monday 2nd June the resurfacing of Old Town Lane will start from the tie-in at the corner on the Hugh Town side of the school and it will progress towards the sea wall in Old Town.

Also on Monday the section of Old Town Lane from Val’s Place to the Airport Road will be planed. As the road is narrow in places you may have to wait some time to pass the machinery.

The roads will be reopened as soon as possible after the asphalt is rolled off.

Surfacing works will not commence until about 10 am so access to the school should be no different from normal. In the afternoon after the closure of the school it would be anticipated that access should be better from the Hugh Town rather the Old Town side.

Lagan Construction Ltd will provide more information to Radio Scilly and Scilly Today at around 1pm Monday on which access is likely to be better.

On Tuesday 3rd June and Wednesday 4th resurfacing works will continue through Old Town working towards Val’s Place. It is anticipated that on Thursday, Ennor close will be resurfaced.

The school car park was resurfaced on Sunday and barriers have been set up to prevent tight turns being made which could damage the surface before it has chance to oxidise. These will be removed in a couple of days time , if not before, depending on the surface performance.

Please be aware that the works sequence may change slightly from what has been advised previously. The intention is to complete the section of Old Town Lane from Five Islands School to the Airport Road and Ennor Close as one block.

Lagan Construction Ltd apologise for any disturbance during these works and thank you in advance for your co-operation and forbearance.

Please contact 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.

The St Mary’s Island Road Resurfacing Works are financed by the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

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