Road Resurfacing Starts Today In Old Town

lagan1The £1.5million project to resurface many of St Mary’s roads starts today. The first works, in the Old Town area, are likely to last until next Thursday, the 5th June.

Islanders are being asked not to park cars in Ennor Close from today and drivers should not leave cars on the road from the school towards Old Town from Sunday.

The work will be done in 2 stages, 2 or 3 days apart.

Contractors Lagan Construction say that the existing roads will be planed so that the new surfacing will fit in with the existing kerbs, manhole covers and other ironwork. That work could be noisy but should not last long.

If the road is not resurfaced immediately it will be left in the planed condition. Lagan are advising drivers and cyclists to take care when that happens because the surfaces will be rough and there will be raised manhole covers.

Before resurfacing, a mechanical road sweeper will pass over the road and a bond coat will be applied by a tanker. Asphalt will then be laid through a paver and rollers will pass over the road to finish off the process.

You can read the list of next week’s works here.

Lagan construction have set up a 24-hour hotline on 07825 167569, which islanders can call is they experience any issues during the work.

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