Government Wants Your Views On Rail Service

sleeper trainThe Department for Transport is asking for your views on the Great Western rail franchise.

The Government is planning to invest £5.7 billion across the whole network over the next 15 years. That will include new rolling stock and electrification of some lines, although there are currently no plans for this on routes into Devon and Cornwall.

First Great Western recently announced they’d be introducing WiFi onto their Intercity trains by Christmas. There are also plans for new sleeper carriages on the London-Penzance route.

In April, Cornwall Council’s Nigel Blackler outlined the work that his authority had undertaken in negotiating for improvements to the service and in particular the sleeper train.

He told the Transport User Forum at the Town Hall how better facilities would enhance the experiences of locals and visitors. Improvement plans include adding en-suite rooms and spaces for bikes.

The consultation will run to June 26th and you can find details here.

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