Resurfacing Project Deliveries Continue This Evening

lagan1The delivery of aggregates for the St Mary’s Airport improvement and road resurfacing projects will continue from this evening.

The first cargo is likely to be moved from 5.30pm until around 9am Friday morning.

And Lagan Construction say that it is possible that the off-loading may have to continue on  Friday night from 6pm onwards if the exercise is not completed in the one night.

Project organisers anticipate that a further load will be due on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th June. On both occasions, material will be moved from the Quay along Hugh Street, Church Street, Carn Thomas to the Telegraph Road and past Parting Carn to the construction base site.

The return journey will be the same with the empty trailers passing along the Strand rather than Church Street.

A second excavator will be used to try to speed the process so that it only takes one night.

Lagan construction warn that the work is dependent on tides and proposed times could change. You can contact Lagan on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during the work.

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