External Consultants Will Evaluate Council Jobs

town hall 4The Council is hiring external help to manage part of the authority’s restructuring.

An outside HR expert has already been brought in, but additional consultants will now oversee the job evaluation.  That’s the process for assessing all workers’ roles.

It has been over 10 years since all posts below the Chief Officer level were matched to a sliding grading and pay scale, with levels ranging from 1 at the bottom to 8 at the top.

This process could mean some staff have their salaries adjusted.

A separate, internal Council panel will now review, and could potentially challenge, the findings of the consultant.

Senior Council management have announced this process as part of a series of measures, following reports of poor staff morale during the restructure.

The issue was raised at a staff consultation meeting last week.

Now Council bosses have written to staff to say that they will aim to improve communication.

Originally, ‘reshaping’ of the airport and Direct Labour teams wasn’t going to start until the beginning of July but now the plans will be shared sooner, so staff can feedback on the plan.

Some councillors have voiced concern that the restructure plans were hard to comprehend. Council senior managers say they will produce a revised version by the end of this week.

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