UKIP Gains Islands’ Highest Vote In Euro Elections

polling stationScilly’s UKIP organiser says she’s thrilled that the party gained the highest vote from islanders in Thursday’s European election.

Maggie Perkovic believes that locals have shown that they don’t want to stay in the EU. And she says she is surprised that so many people voted UKIP, because the islands have received so much grant money from Europe.

Maggie believes islanders of all ages have backed the party but they don’t shout their UKIP support “from the rooftops” because of what people might think.

She rejects claims that the party is racist and says voters feel something needs to be done about immigrants, because there is no longer room for new arrivals.

She also believes that locals are concerned about Britain losing its identity.

There were 532 votes cast in Scilly and UKIP gained 150 of them – that’s 28% of the vote. The Conservatives were second with 137, the Green party polled 87 votes and the Liberal Democrats gained 78. Labour received 56 votes with BNP gaining 3.

UKIP topped the poll in Cornwall, too. The results mean that there will be six MEPs representing the South West constituency in the European Parliament.

They are UKIP members William Dartmouth and Julia Reid. Ashley Fox and Julie Girling are elected for the Conservatives, Claire Moody is the Labour MEP and Molly Cato Scott takes a seat for the Green Party.

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