Annual Survey Gives Insight Into Scilly’s Visitors

hugh town centre summerThe typical holidaymaker in Scilly is likely to be middle-aged, live in the Southwest of England and spend a week in self-catering accommodation.

That’s the findings of the 2013 Annual Visitor Survey, the last to be carried out by the Council’s Tourism Section before it’s handed over to the Islands’ Partnership.

A total of 710 visitors filled out the questionnaire, which gives an insight into who our visitors are and why they come to Scilly.

80% of those people stayed on St Mary’s and just under half had been here more than five times before.

Although there’s a trend nationally to take shorter breaks, over half our visitors still stay for at least a week, with three quarters coming by plane.

Only 2% of the people surveyed were on a day trip.

The islands seem popular with residents of Cornwall, Devon Somerset, Bristol and London, possibly because of the relative ease of travelling from those locations.

And they come because they like the scenery, and the peace and quiet.

The majority rated the overall travel experience, accommodation and food and drink as good or excellent.

But more people found the value for money only fair or poor, with the lack of activities and entertainment being a negative point.

The good news is, 96% said they’d come back in the future and recommend the islands to the friends and family.

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