‘Wandering Writer’ Visits Islands To Raise Funds For RNLI

diane leigh RNLIA Cheshire-based RNLI supporter is visiting Scilly as part of her 80-day trek around the coast of the UK.

Diane Leigh, who describes herself as a ‘Wandering Writer’ is relying on donations of meals, lifts and accommodation as she blogs her way around Britain.

She hopes to raise £10,000 for the national lifeboat charity between now and the end of July.

Each day Diane is placing a ‘digital postcard’ online as she focusses on distinctly British aspect of life that she has observed. And she’s collecting stories of Scilly life to include in her project.

She says she wanted to include Scilly in her “Little British Things” tour because we’re the most south-western part of the country and she wants to include as many “island extremities” as possible.

She’s hoping to get offers of accommodation from each island so she can compare and contrast them. The Seven Stones Inn on St Martin’s has already hosted Diane and they will feature in her online write-ups

And she says she’s keen to hear from any islander with an interesting tale to share about Scilly’s uniqueness.

You can donate to the RNLI through her website at www.fledglingonfire.com.

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