Scilly Visited By Methodist Women’s Leader

Linda Crossley

Linda Crossley

The President of the Methodist Women in Britain organisation spent time with members of the islands’ church last weekend.

Linda Crossley came over as part of a tour of Devon and Cornwall.

She says her role means she needs to travel around the country talking to methodists about their local issues.

And she says the big message she’ll take from Scilly is our remoteness and the difficulty residents have travelling out of season.

Linda says the normal structures of the Methodist church, such as their organisation into districts, can’t work here.

She says there are times when people can’t even travel to the mainland or the next island, let alone a national meeting.

That’s brought home to her the realities of island life, which is “very different from the holiday brochure.”

Linda says issues such as declining numbers of members attending Methodist chapels in Scilly are no different to the mainland. And she commended the islanders who volunteer to keep the organisation going in such a small, remote place.

Methodist Women in Britain is not a feminist movement, says Linda, but they’re working to make sure that women clergy are treated fairly.

She says the group tries to bring new creativity to worship, through dance, drama and music.

And they have a number of campaigns highlighting social injustice including issues caste discrimination in India and dementia-friendly churches.

Linda joined the Friday Fellowship at Methodist Manse and addressed three different services on Sunday at the St Mary’s and St Martin’s chapels.