Unique Art Event Will Bring Stars To Porthcressa Beach

A unique community arts event tonight will bring Scilly’s star-filled dark night skies to the sand of Porthcressa Beach.

As part of Art Scilly Week, artist Imogen Bone hopes to recreate the constellations using starfish shapes made from tissue and wicker.

There will be a candle inside each sculpture and around 50 shapes will be laid on the beach at dusk. The starfish will be colour coded according to the constellation they’re in, which people will be able to walk around.

Imogen has developed an interest in astronomy and feels that this event is a great way to highlight Scilly’s star gazing potential because of our unpolluted night skies.

The star map made from the wicker starfish won’t be to scale, because of the amount of beach to work in, but she’s produced a small guide to help you find your way around.

Imogen says she had some materials left over from the winter lantern procession and wanted to create something that was unique to Scilly.

The beach art will be best seen from a distance and the newly refurbished Buzza Tower should be open to give a commanding position to view the work.

Imogen says she loves to do something different and to engage people who wouldn’t normally get involved with art.

And the artwork on the beach will lend itself to a different form of art – photography.

Imogen says long-exposure pictures taken while people are running around the constellations with torches should produce light streams in the shape of the constellations.

The event starts after the 9pm sunset and will probably be best viewed at 9.30pm.

3 Responses to Unique Art Event Will Bring Stars To Porthcressa Beach

  1. Billy boy May 16, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I have to laugh at ‘unpolluted night skies’. Yes, we have generally darker skies than other towns/cities in the UK, but have you looked back towards Hugh Town/Old Town recently from the other end of St. Mary’s? The sky is just saturated with light pollution which makes observing the likes of Orion, nebulae, open clusters, galaxies in Gemini, Leo and Cancer virtually impossible, unless you sit around until the street lights etc go off. And then most of the observable sky, with DSO’s of interest, would have dropped below the horizon… So much for our dark sky status, something needs to be done though to retain it.

  2. Mr Obscura May 16, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Buzza tower will be open this evening for folk to come up and have a nose at progress so far and enjoy the starfish from up on the hill. As the obscura mechanism itself is not yet comissioned I think we are safe from the wrath of the planners! TTFN. Andrew

  3. Chris & June Jones May 16, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Buzza Tower will not be open tonight,as the council (who own it ) have to inspect it to confirm that baffles have been fitted to the “camera obscura” permanently – this is to comply withj the planning inspectors conditions of use, which prevent neighbouring properties and gardens from being overlooked – until that condition is in place and inspected by planning officers and councillors it can not open. We wish the artwork on the beach every success