Students Putting Finishing Touches To Film Project

school_2104_2Pupils from the Five Islands School are putting the final touches to a filmmaking project today.

Six students have been working on a short film with mainland filmmaker Barbara Santi.

She’s worked in Scilly previously as part of a Heritage Lottery-funded programme to share vintage films with the community and make new recordings.

It is called the Tre Project, from the Cornish word for home.

During her last trip, Barbara gained access to Reg Phillips’ Super 8 film archive, created in the 1950s and 1960s. They’ve been used to inspire the pupils as they shoot a film to showcase what’s special about Scilly today.

Barbara says the film is like a visual poem about living on the islands, with the sea being a key theme. And she says it explores how life here has changed here since Reg shot the original scenes.

The footage captured by the students on Wednesday on St Mary’s and yesterday on St Agnes will be used in a ten-minute production.

It will form part of a longer DVD featuring archive and new films made in Scilly and Cornwall.

Barbara says the pupils will gain experience in a number of different areas because of the project. They’ve been learning how to write scripts, how to use a camera and editing skills.