Councillors In The Dark Over Communication Committee

The Council's new website was described as "borderline catatonic" by Cllr Steve Sims.

The Council’s new website was described as “borderline catatonic” by Cllr Steve Sims.

Councillors have been asked to appoint members to a committee, minutes before they were due to discuss abolishing it.

But Members at Tuesday’s Full Council Meeting eventually overturned the recommendation to scrap the Communications Team.

They feel the group still has work to do in getting the Council’s new website up to scratch.

Chairman of Council Amanda Martin saw the funny side of the bizarre situation. She said the lack of communication over the proposal was “ironic.”

Chief Executive Theo Leisjer was asked to explain why the panel that shares the Council’s plans with the community should be abolished. He said the Communications Team was set up to develop the website. As that’s now live, he felt their work was complete.

He said a new communication plan would be agreed in the future.

But members didn’t agree with the CEO.

Cllr Martin is on the Communications Team herself and she felt that the group had a wider remit than just the website. She said abolishing it was a decision for members to make.

Cllr Steve Sims expressed his view that the Council’s new £10,000 website wasn’t good enough and the committee had to continue to meet to improve it

Steve said the site might be live, but it was “borderline catatonic,” and it was too early to get rid of the team.

But he admitted that they hadn’t actually met once during the whole period that the website was under development.

Cllr Christine Savill said it was only recently that members were demanding to see all press releases before they were issued. She said the Council had to be proactive in their communications and it would be a retrograde step to dissolve the team.

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