More Aggregate To Be Unloaded This Evening

lagan1There will be another big delivery of aggregate for the runway and road resurfacing work this evening

And contractors Lagan Construction will be using a different approach to getting the 1,350 tonnes of material onto dry land.

The first delivery began on 4th May and lasted four days. Two landing craft with a swing shovel on board were used to transfer loaded trailers from the River Trader, moored at St Mary’s quay, to Porthmellon Beach or the Rechabite Slip.

These were then taken by tractor to the storage site at Parting Carn.

But Harbourmaster Dale Clark says there were concerns that seawater could be damaging the tractors.

This time, they’ll take advantage of the high spring tide to load the trailers directly on the quay.

Dale says this will mean offloading the swing shovel by ramp – it can’t fit through the Mermaid entrance – and using it to fill the trailers.

And it’s hoped the entire unloading can be performed in a single evening.

The tricky operation is due to start after the Scillonian III departs this afternoon and will run through until 9am.

Click here for a full schedule of the works.