Council Staff Taking Legal Advice Over Job Risk Letters

Statement issued on the Council's website yesterday

Statement issued on the Council’s website yesterday

Some Council staff say that they’re taking legal advice after receiving letters informing them that their jobs are at risk.

The workers are employed on statutory roles – positions that the Council has a legal obligation to fill.

Some posts are funded directly by government or other official agencies, and some employees in those jobs don’t feel that the Council has the right to get rid of their positions.

They say they are seeking legal clarification.

Plans to merge or abolish current roles have been put together by the Council’s new Senior Leadership Team with support from an external HR consultant.

There has been some criticism of the exercise, described by the Council as a reshaping, on

Following the reaction, the Council has now issued a statement saying that staff have been provided with the chance to have one-to-one meetings with the new senior managers.

Last week, some councillors were unsure whether the reorganisation proposals were definite or whether they had power to amend or reject them.

The Town Hall now says that the plans still require “finalisation” and the structure will not be confirmed until completion of the 45-day consultation.

For some workers the reorganisation could mean their roles could be abolished or their grades reduced.

It’s a difficult time for some staff and two Council managers, who asked not to be named, have told Radio Scilly that morale within the authority has reached “an all time low.”