Re-Elected Chairman Recounts Year Of Transition For Council

Council Chairman Amanda Martin

Council Chairman Amanda Martin

The Council has experienced a year of transition. And this period of change is set to continue as the authority aims to increase performance, making savings and generate money.

That’s the message given to councillors last night by Amanda Martin as she was elected for a second year as the Council Chairman.

Mrs Martin was the sole nomination and all members voted for her except Marian Bennett, who abstained.

Gaz O’Neill was re-elected as Vice Chairman.

In her acceptance speech, Amanda spoke of the Council’s achievements over the last year, which include the appointment of a new Chief Executive and senior management team.

She highlighted the “glowing” report into Park House by the Care Quality Commission, the beach cleans and the waste management project at Moorwell.

And she outlined major projects underway, such as repairing storm damage, addressing transport issues and improving health provision.

Amanda says the Council is now more engaged with the community, partly through the public meetings held on each inhabited off-island.

But she said they needed to communicate better with their staff, especially during the consultation period as the Town hall is restructured.

She warned that there was still much to be done and called for everyone to “set aside their differences and work together.”

Amanda also formally thanked the outgoing Director of Community Services Penny Penn-Howard for her contribution to the Council.

4 Responses to Re-Elected Chairman Recounts Year Of Transition For Council

  1. Jonny Exile May 15, 2014 at 8:42 am

    The best bit of the meeting for me was Leijser asking for the ‘Communications Team’ to be disbanded (01.00.38) because the website it was set-up to manage was now live, and it (the Team) was no longer required. Steve Sims pointed out that in the three months that the site was being worked on the team had never met and went on to describe the site as “borderline catatonic”. The look and feel of an early 1990s DIY site was I think how I described it in an earlier post.

    And there you have it, the failings of the Council in a microcosm – the officers doing whatever they like, elected members unable to control them and it all culminating in failure with the taxpayer copping for the bill! Add the backdrop of a meeting with them all in their Sunday Best grandly handing out committee positions to each other and you’ve got some great entertainment. Make it pay per view I say and cut my Council Tax!

    I should add that the Communications Team was actually saved, now all it needs to do is actually meet.

  2. Renegade May 14, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    I disagree totally with Dr Wells.

    Previous Chief Executive’s position terminated at a cost of How much?Temporary Chief Executive employed at a cost of How Much? New Chief Executive planning to reintroduce a new layer of management at a cost of How Much?

    Sensible, intelligent and totally committed to the islands.

    Make up your own minds

  3. Mike L May 14, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Beach cleans? What part of that is Mrs Martin claiming for the Council. Wasn’t it organised by the Islands Partnership? And didn’t all the locals who turned up to get the sand off Porthcressa save the councils direct labour force loads of work. What a cheek.

  4. Dr R Wells May 14, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Great news. Sensible, intelligent and totally committed to the islands. A steady hand on the tiller.