Scilly’s Rugby Sevens Tournament To Be Repeated Next Year

rugby childrenThe organisers of Scilly’s first ever Rugby Sevens tournament on Sunday say they’re pleased with what turned out to be a “really worthwhile exercise.”

Mike Bratt, Cornwall’s RFU Rugby Development Officer, came over with two colleagues, Phil Morris, the West Cornwall Community Coach from England Rugby and his counterpart from the east of the county, Neil Smith.

Phil told Radio Scilly that the professionals enjoyed working with both junior and adult men and women for the day of Sevens, Tens and Touch rugby matches.

Phil says they believe that “good work has been done here” by the islands rugby coaches.

The Isles of Scilly Junior sessions are one of the region’s success stories and they now attract 35 regular players and there are 40 children registered.

Two teams from the Camborne School of Mines made the crossing as an end of season trip.

Phil says the event will take place again next year but they are going to reflect on this weekend to see if they can make improvements.

They may switch the date to the second bank holiday in May.

Organisers also want to discuss the potential of a Sunday Scillonian sailing with the Steamship Company, because visitors may need to get back home for work or other commitments the next day.