Massive Increase In Requests For Scilly’s Tourism Brochure

brochure cover 2013The Islands’ Partnership says they’ve noticed a massive increase in requests for this year’s tourism brochure.

So far there have been around 13,700 direct requests for a copy. That compares with 2,000 copies asked for over the same period in 2013.

Tourism Co-ordinator Amanda Pender says it could be down a more targeted approach to PR, which meant that 37 articles on Scilly have been published in national media since January.

Adverts in publications like Coast magazine and Family Traveller have also generated leads.

Amanda says the Partnership has been pooling resources with Visit Cornwall to promote both sides of the water in 9 magazines.

6,000 brochure requests came from that alone.

People seem to be making their holiday plans later though.

Brochure requests used to be highest in January but this year the demand peaked in April.

Amanda says that may be just down to the extreme weather earlier this year.

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