Plant Exchange To Benefit Two Of UK’s Best Gardens

tresco flower count 2014

Plants from one of the wettest parts of the UK could soon be growing in Tresco’s Abbey Gardens.

Curator Mike Nelhams says they’ve started a partnership with Mount Stewart House in Northern Ireland, which will see the two famous gardens swapping plant specimens.

Mount Stewart is managed by the National Trust and owned by the Londonderry family.

Tresco hosted a visit by their Curator and three Gardeners this week. They were shown around the Abbey Gardens by Mike and Head Gardener Andrew Lawson and drew up a list of plants they want to exchange.

Mike says gardeners get a feeling for what plants they think they can grow and the visitors were particularly interested in Tresco’s collection from South Africa and Australia.

Tresco has a relatively dry and warm climate compared to most parts of the country but Mike says it’s surprising what can be grown in the right position.

Mike’s excited by Mount Stewart’s collection of plants from Chile and New Zealand, which prefer wetter conditions.

Some he’s never even heard of and he says he’s going to have to do some research before he tries growing them. They’ll be added to the specimens brought back from Chile last year by Andrew.

Mike says they’ve found a more shaded and cool spot in the garden and he’s hoping to create a Chilean border to showcase some of their recent acquisitions.

Staff from Tresco will return the visit to Northern Ireland next year.