Tresco Church To Be ‘Wired For Sound’

St Nicholas Church, Tresco

St Nicholas Church, Tresco

Tresco’s St Nicholas Church will soon be ‘wired for sound.’

Canon Paul Miller says the Diocese has approved a new speaker system, which will be installed once the refurbishment work is complete.

Part of the church seating is in recesses or transepts and some worshippers find it hard to follow the service when they are seated there. The new equipment will address that.

Paul says he had voice projection lessons when he was in ecclesiastical college but microphones are an accepted part of church services now and it is important that people can hear what is going on.

Work to reslate the roof and deal with damp will start on September 26th.

The project, which has received £106,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, should be complete by Easter 2015.

Yesterday’s Church Council meeting also backed plans to buy Old Town Church a mobile loudspeaker connected to a radio microphone.

Paul says if there’s a well-attended funeral or wedding there, guests often have to stand outside.