Hospital League Of Friends Looking For New Members

hospital  nhs sign 2The St Mary’s Community and Hospital League of Friends wants to find new committee members.

Eleven people attending Wednesday’s annual general meeting at Park House heard that some longstanding officials are to step down.

Pat Hayden will relinquish her treasurer role after 15 years and Ann Mumford will end her 11-year chairmanship.

Both women feel there needs to be new input into the group to drive it forward.

Ann says charities like Cancer Research UK are assisted by their larger mainland organisations, whereas the League is entirely operated in Scilly with all money raised helping Park House, the hospital or Health Centre.

This year around £11,858 has been spent. They’ve funded a warfarin tester and mole monitor for the Health Centre and an electric, adjustable bed and mattress for Park House.

They’ve received £9,211 income with some of this being raised by groups outside of the League.

Hospital staff arranged their own sponsored bed push and the Scillonian Club and St Martin’s Reading Room quiz nights have also made donations.

Ann told the AGM that she was sorry that few people have applied to their fund that assists parents with the cost of travel when their children are in mainland hospital.

She says she understands that people might be embarrassed to request help but it was better to ask rather than struggle. The money can be used to pay for overnight stays or transport costs.

The League hopes to fund a makeover for the hospital garden this year and they also want to update some of the hospital beds.

Jenny Byers says it is likely there will be an event at the Health Centre again, as last year’s was very successful, and possibly a cream tea toward the end of the season.

They will also have a flag day later in the year.