Police Seek information On Vandalism To Hugh Town Shop

paper shop vandalism

St Mary’s Police are appealing for information on the vandalism of a Hugh Town shop in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Papershop had a large amount of paint daubed over the front door and windows.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the criminal damage happened sometime between 4am and 7am.

He says there was some noise and rowdiness around 3.15am and people may have heard this, but he says the damage happened later than that.

Colin wants to hear about anyone seen with extensive pale-coloured paint on their hands or body this morning.

He’s disappointed this has happened. Colin says there were five officers out last night with a highly visible presence but the incident happened after they clocked off at 4am.

From Radio Scilly

Sgt Colin Taylor speaks to Radio Scilly about the vandalism

Papershop owner Clive Mumford has thanked Katie Graham, Terry Ward, Dave Baxter, Barry Wright, Julian Morrel, Ben from The Farm Deli shop, Clive’s daughters Vicki and Selena and his grandchildren, Don Bates, Stuart Hitchens and PC Mat Crow, who all helped him and Avril to clean up this morning before opening.

Sgt Taylor says anyone with information should contact the police station on 422 444.

But there has been some good news this morning. Fears that the new defibrillator installed at St Mary’s Harbour had been taken overnight turned out to be unfounded.

It was taken down for safekeeping by someone with the best of intentions.

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