Huge Delivery of Materials For Runway Starting On Sunday Evening

landing craft lagans 1One of the trickiest stages in the delivery of material for the runway resurfacing work starts on Sunday evening.

The River Trader will be arriving at St Mary’s quay from France with almost 1,400 tonnes of aggregate for Lagan Construction and it all needs to be transferred to land by barge.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the landing craft, the Arromanche, will be strapped to the barge, the Sabrena, with a total of 8 trailers on board, each carrying 18 tonnes.

There’ll be at least ten trips between the ship and the shore. Each time, the trailers will be taken by tractor to Parting Carn before being returned for the next load.

Dale says Lagan’s will initially use Porthmellon and switch to the Rechabite Slip once the gigs have been removed, following the end of the Championships.

The whole process is likely to take a couple of days.