Artist Wants To Make Contact With Scilly’s Beekeepers

The Scilly bee

The Scilly bee

A West Cornwall-based artist wants to make contact with the islands’ beekeepers so Scilly’s bees can feature in an art exhibition at Oxford University.

Kurt Jackson wants access to local hives as he prepares a project in partnership with the Natural History Museum.

He’s passionate about the insects and as a beekeeper, says he was keen to put together a collection of bee-related works for the display next year.

The exhibition will include lawn sculptures and possibly sketches and paintings. The artist wants extended and regular access to local keepers’ hives as he develops his project.

Kurt says seeing one of the rare Scilly bees, last spotted on St Martin’s, would certainly highlight.

You can contact him through Radio Scilly.

Kurt regularly spends time here capturing the islands’ landscapes. His current exhibition of paintings of Scilly scenery runs until May 5th at the Chipping Campden Gallery in the Cotswolds.