Watersports Enthusiasts To Attempt World Record Challenge From Scilly

scilly sennen crossingA team of international watersports enthusiasts will attempt to set three world records next month for the fastest man-powered crossing between Scilly and Sennen.

They’ll be making their way across the 50km stretch of water, one of the busiest on the planet, on paddleboards, ocean skis and kayaks.

Organiser Glenn Eldridge says it’s taken almost 14 years to organise the event.

He’s already done it twice before himself, once on an ocean ski and once on a laydown paddleboard.

But this time he’ll be joined by five other top athletes and a team of support craft.

Glenn says it’s an amazing challenge to be in the middle of the ocean, out of sight of the land, hoping you’re paddling in the right direction.

And he says the crossing has been tricky to arrange. The slowest time is likely to be around 5 hours, and since tides change over a six-hour period, they have to get the timing just right.

They’ll also need to deal with currents and wind direction if they’re going to break the records for ocean ski, laydown and stand-up paddleboards.

They’ve worked out that setting off from Scilly at midday on 18th May will give them their best chance. But they might have to reverse the direction, leaving from Sennen at 6am, if the wind is in the wrong direction.

They’ll get the times verified by independent observers forthe Guinness Book of Records and Glenn is hoping the challenge will become an annual, open-ocean race, the only one of its kind in Europe.

The records will be a benchmark for competitors to beat in the future.

You can find out more about the challenge on their website here.


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