Scilly To Get Its Own ‘Bee World’ This Summer

WI member Pam Manning

WI member Pam Manning

Scilly will get its own ‘Bee World’ this summer, courtesy of the islands’ Women’s Institute.

It’s part of a national campaign to halt the decline in the insect’s numbers.

WI member Pam Manning says the Carreg Dhu garden committee has given her permission to convert around 100 square metres into a wild meadow, the favourite habitat of many bees.

Pam says wild meadows are under threat even on Scilly, with fields being turned over to growing bulbs or for grazing animals.

She’s appealing for local and visiting gardeners to give her a hand preparing the ground for planting, using a mixture of wild grasses and flowers such as yarrow, oxeye daisy and birdsfoot trefoil.

Carreg Dhu is already a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, says Pam, and she’s hoping once the committee see how well the meadow fits in, they might expand it further.

Over 350 Bee Worlds have been set up across the country, ranging from small plots to several acres.

The WI are asking their members to write to Lord de Mauley, the Minister for Bees, to ensure the National Pollinator Strategy is as strong as it can be.

They’re also encouraging support for farmers to reduce pesticide use, which is thought to be a factor in the decline.

Pam says bees are vital for the environment and it’s important for honeybees and our own Scilly bee to survive.

She said island residents can do their own bit too, by leaving a corner of their garden wild for bees to enjoy.