Scillonian III Given Brussels Green Light

scillonian gangwayTransport regulators in Brussels have given the green light for the Scillonian III to continue operating on routes between the mainland and Scilly.

That’s according to a report by Justin Stares, the Editor of European shipping news website,

Safety modifications agreed by the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Steamship Company have brought the 37-year old vessel in line with European Union law, the Commission said in a statement.

A plan put forward last year to upgrade a non-compliant fire sprinkler system had been rejected by Brussels. But a new back-up pump plan has been agreed.

It means the ship will be able to serve the islands until 2018. The vessel was extensively refurbished in 2012.

There was concern that EU safety laws would force the vessel, which is very old by European standards, off the route.

The rare tussle between the UK maritime authorities and the Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport had reached the UK parliament, where questions were asked.

Chairman of the Penzance Chamber of Commerce and member of FRIST, Dick Cliffe, said he was “delighted and relieved.”

The Steamship Company said they had nothing to add to the statement.