Scilly’s Council Clarifies How Planes Affect Their Computers

skybus-planes-at-airportThe Council has issued a detailed explanation of the technical problems affecting IT equipment at their Porthmellon offices.

Their claim that flights were causing communication problems with their computer systems have been ridiculed by some locals in comments on ScillyToday.

On Monday, Council Chairman Amanda Martin told Radio Scilly that they were quitting the site and relocating staff because of the disruption.

“As the Porthmellon building is under the flight path,” she said, “there are regular problems with IT, making it a poor choice for important local authority departments.”

The Council now says that, following a need to increase internet bandwidth between sites in 2012, they chose a wireless solution.

At £1,400, this was much cheaper than a costly fixed line, which costs £38,000 for three years or high-grade radios, at £4,000.

Unfortunately the system utilises the 5GHz frequency used by aircraft navigation systems, and when it detects a higher priority signal, it drops the connection.

The Council says these dropouts were common last summer and correlated with landing times at the airport.

In July 2013, they decided not to upgrade the system as the reorganisation would make them unnecessary.

You can read the full technical explanation on the Council’s website here.


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