Children’s Services Seek Views on Carn Gwaval Transport

Health and Wellbeing Centre

Health and Wellbeing Centre

The Council’s Children’s Services team are keen to hear the views of residents about travelling to and from the Carn Gwaval campus.

Children’s Manager Joel Williams says the number of people using the site has increased massively in the last few years.

This follows the building of the new school, sports hall and Health and Wellbeing Centre, including the Memory Café and childcare facilities.

One of the conditions of planning for the school was to ensure the buildings were easily accessible by the community. And Joel says because parking is limited, they want to encourage more people to get there by bike or walking.

A Travel Plan Working Group, chaired by teacher Kevin Leeman and including site users and the police have already made a number of improvements.

More bike racks have been added and the path through Moorwell has been overlaid with concrete to make it better to use in wet weather.

But Joel says they’re now looking at the next set of improvements that can be made and they’ll use the feedback they get from the survey to formulate their plans.

He says the Nowhere car park is likely to be resurfaced during the road repair work on St Mary’s this summer.

They’ll also be rolling out the ‘Cyclewise’ training to youngsters to ensure they can ride their bikes safely and could even look at providing hi-vis equipment.

Joel’s keen to hear any other ideas that residents or visitors who’ve used the site may have. He’d also like to know if you’ve had trouble getting to the facilities.

The survey can be completed online and is available until Sunday 11th May at this site.

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